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Do What You Love

Have you ever wondered why so many of the goals that you set are not achieved? Do you sometimes count yourself a failure because you faltered and fell at the first hurdle?

It took me a long time to realise that one of my biggest reasons for failure was because my goals and my true talents were not in line with each other. I used to set goals that involved doing things that I found incredibly hard, didn't have much talent for and actually didn't enjoy very much.

As soon as I set out to achieve something positive in an area where I had expertise or doing something that I loved, the whole process went much faster, I was far more likely to finish my projects and I got ten times the pleasure and satisfaction from them.

Turn Your Actions into Habits

While we are striving towards our goals, things would be so much easier if only we could turn some of the positive things we struggle to do into habits that we perform automatically.

A habit is an action, so ingrained that we actually look forward to performing it and feel that something is amiss if we don't. That is why bad habits are so powerful.

Here are three tips to help you use the same power to drive your positive and healthy actions.

Setting Outrageous Goals

Goal setting is a fascinating science and one that is open to all kinds of experimentation.

Working towards your life purpose involves all kinds of smaller sub goals, which give you the chance to continuously try new methods and find out more about your own capabilities. But sometimes you have to think big.

One thing I like to do occasionally is set myself an outrageous goal, which really has me up against the clock. Now, outrageous in this sense means something that I would never have thought possible before, but that I know would give me a huge sense of satisfaction if I could achieve it.

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