Setting Outrageous Goals - Three Ways to Stretch Yourself to New Horizons

Goal setting is a fascinating science and one that is open to all kinds of experimentation.

Working towards your life purpose involves all kinds of smaller sub goals, which give you the chance to continuously try new methods and find out more about your own capabilities. But sometimes you have to think big.

One thing I like to do occasionally is set myself an outrageous goal, which really has me up against the clock. Now, outrageous in this sense means something that I would never have thought possible before, but that I know would give me a huge sense of satisfaction if I could achieve it.

For example, I recently set myself the challenge of writing 50 article-marketing articles in 30 days. My previous average had been one per day, so I was looking to double my output. Now that wasn't particularly outrageous, but the next step was.

I achieved my 50 articles and felt very pleased with myself, but then I wondered how far I could really push the envelope. So now my challenge was to produce 100 articles in 10 days, which meant I needed to multiply my output 5 times. Now that was tough, considering I still need to do all my other tasks as well.

Well it was tough, but I did it and I managed to get everything else done as well and the benefits were really interesting.

So why did I set myself such a tough challenge?

  • Because it pushed me harder than I'd been pushed before. It meant that I had to develop new and better skills than I had previously required and those skills proved to be useful in all sorts of other areas.

  • Because it brought me to my overall goal even faster. If I could hit that target in ten days, what might I achieve in the following ten days and the next ten weeks and ten months? Suddenly the horizon of what was possible had shifted.

  • Because of how it made me feel. There is no higher sensation than the satisfaction of setting and achieving a great and challenging goal. The whole world seems brighter; new possibilities present themselves and you gain a whole new level of confidence .

So, next time you set a goal, ask yourself this question. Could I be outrageous and achieve something I never thought possible before?

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