Why I Know You Can Do It

I am now going to use my psychic powers to tell you something about yourself. I have never met you, but I am absolutely certain that you are brilliant at setting and reaching your goals.

You do not believe me, do you? You are thinking back to all the times that you tried to set a goal, you wrote it down, you worked out a map to get there and you started to take action and then you failed to get there.

So what makes me so confident of this?

I want you to go back a little further than you normally do in your memory and think about your childhood.

Think about a time when you really wanted something. Think about the time you wanted a new bike or the latest doll or the toy that everyone else had.

What did you do? If you were anything like me and all the other kids in the world, you will remember becoming completely and utterly obsessed by what you wanted.

When you went to bed at night, you prayed for that bike. When you woke up in the morning, you thought about it. Everywhere you went, you saw others just like it. Every chance you had, you spoke to your parents about it and every evening you pretended that you were already riding it.

Now all of those represent classic goal setting techniques. You employed constant visualization, even down to the sensation of riding. You examined other bikes and perhaps even rode an example of one to help the visualization along.

You focused entirely on that bike for as long as it took and almost to the exclusion of everything else. You took all the action you could, either by speaking to your parents and asking for it, or by resolving to save up your pocket money to get it. All these things are what we teach in goal setting every day.

Did you get the bike? Maybe not. If you left it in the control of your parents, then it might not have materialized for you, because that may have been the wrong decision.

But you are an adult now, you do not have to leave things to others. You can take your own actions.

The problem is that we are riddled with self doubts and self imposed obstacles and we forget to focus and obsess like a child.

Next time you set yourself a goal, make sure that you really, really want to achieve it. Look at it through the eyes of your inner child and you will be amazed at the results

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