Who Benefits When You Achieve Your Goals?

You have been striving for weeks, months, maybe years towards your ultimate goal and you have finally made it. Congratulations! You deserve the highest praise and recognition.

But as well as the amazing feeling of satisfaction you are feeling, do you realize that there are more good things that accrue from your achievement than you appreciate? So who benefits when you reach your goals?

  1. You - obviously, but in more ways than one. You may benefit financially if that was your goal, but as a person you will have grown tremendously on your journey. You will have a greater sense of your own capabilities, you will have much higher self esteem and you will have gained confidence, charisma and a carefree attitude that will make each day a pleasure for you.
  2. Your loved ones. The people who surround you will benefit greatly, too. They may not have appreciated the time you spent away from them while you were working for your dreams, but now that you are there, they will see the transformation in your spirit. You will be a lighter, happier person, much easier to live with, more tolerant, more relaxed and finally more loving. When we feel good about ourselves, we have a much greater capacity to love
  3. The world at large. You may not realize it but the new person you have become carries their charisma out into the wider world. The people you meet sense your confidence and calmness. People who hear about your achievements are cheered to know that change is possible and are inspired to follow in your footsteps. And finally your happiness contributes greatly to the shared consciousness of the universe. By your solitary efforts you have added to the world's quota of positive feelings.

Try to remember these wide reaching effects when you visualize your goal. Not only will you be helping yourself but also those around you and everyone you encounter.

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