Three Magic Powers to Give You Total Focus

Whatever your goal happens to be, you can speed your progress and maximize your motivation if you can retain complete focus on where you want to end up. But how do you maintain focus when your goal seems so far away?

Here are three helpful tips.

  1. The power of pictures. Surround your workstation or wherever you spend the most time with images of your goal. If it is a tangible object such as a particular car, this is easy; pictures from magazines and brochures are always available. If it is something less tangible such as financial independence, or a healthy relationship, look for images that evoke the mood; pictures of happy couples or sun soaked beaches. Use these images to create powerful visualizations that you can call to mind whenever and wherever you are, so that you begin to surround yourself with the things you want even before you have them.
  2. The power of words. Create a series of affirmations about your goal, which you can repeat several times a day in order to implant strong beliefs in your subconscious mind. These sentences should be simply worded, clear statements, written in the present tense, as if your goal had already been achieved. I am grateful to be totally financially independent, I love driving my Noodle 500 to the beach every day. Write these affirmations on pocket sized cards and carry them with you wherever you go. Take them out often and read the words to yourself, whenever you can.
  3. The power of thoughts. Always be thinking about your goals. Allow your mind to constantly wander over the things you want, continually building the vividness and power of your visual images. Try to feel the emotions that you expect to experience when you achieve your goal. Feel the ocean breeze on your face, smell the soft leather of your new car, smile in anticipation of the happy moments you will spend with your partner.

Whenever you need focus, wield these three magical powers and your goals will be much closer.

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