The Map to Your Future - Pt 3

Welcome back. In this third and final part we're going to look at deadlines and see if they really are as important as we think and also what to do when you do finally reach your goal.


You remember that we put dates next to each of the steps on our map? I'm often asked, "What happens if I miss some of my dates? Should I give up?"

Absolutely not! Just because things slipped a bit is certainly no reason to tell yourself not to keep going. Here's the thing: When you set the date in the first place, you were guessing to a certain extent. You didn't know for sure that it would take you that long, or less or more, you just estimated. So what if you got it a little wrong? The important thing is that you got to the next stage, not that you were two days late.

So never use a missed date as an excuse, or start telling yourself you're not going to make it. Remember, though, that if it's taking you a year to achieve what you thought you were going to do in a week, then you either need to question your commitment, or make your time estimates a little more realistic.

And also remember that if a date moves back, you have the choice to either go a little faster to get yourself back on schedule, or you have the right to adjust the map so that all the future dates get extended by the same amount. It's not a crime. It's just like hitting traffic on your journey. You can either speed up a lot and risk losing your license, or you can take it slower and still get there, relaxed and in one piece.

Getting there

Now the big day has arrived. You've taken all the steps, you've focused, you've tracked your progress, you've given yourself a few little rewards and you've made it. You can run up five flights of stairs and recover in one minute. What now?

Firstly, give yourself a big pat on the back, secondly give yourself a good reward - and I don't mean one last cigarette. I mean, how about buying yourself a present with some of that money you're not spending on tobacco and finally set yourself a new goal.

Now you can run up five flights of stairs, why not run a marathon? Why not take a look at your diet. Could you be eating less and more healthy? What other changes do you want to make in your life? Now you know how to do it you can set a goal to achieve anything at all.

Good luck - you are a star!!

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