The Map to Your Future - Pt 1

We have all heard that goal setting is the only way to achieve the things we truly want from life, but where does the beginner start? How do you stay motivated and focused on where you're going?

This article is a brief introduction to some very simple techniques that will get you started on the road to achieving your dreams.

Creating a map

There's an old saying that if you don't know where you're going, you're never going to get there. Well that's just as true in life as it is in, say, driving a car.

A goal is the place we want to be. Our destination and the first step to take if you want to achieve something is to write that goal down. But, in fact, what you are doing is drawing a map.

Take a piece of paper and at the top, write down your goal. Try to word it positively and specifically and make it measurable. For example if you want to give up smoking, don't put "To give up smoking". That's too negative. Try writing, "my goal is to make my lungs healthy again". And be as specific as you can. "To make my lungs healthy enough so that I can run up five flights of stairs and recover my pulse rate to normal within one minute".

Do you see how real and achievable that sounds? So write that at the top of your map, furthest away from you. Then, at the bottom of the paper, nearest you, describe where you are now, your starting point. What you write here needs to be just as measurable and specific, so here's what you do.

Go out and run up five flights of stairs and when you get to the top, use a stopwatch to time how long it takes before your pulse is back to normal. When you've stopped gasping, come back to your piece of paper and next to the words "Where I am now", write" 5 minutes", or whatever your recovery time was.

OK, so your map now has a start point and an end point, but you still need to figure out how you are going to move from A to B.

Does it look like a long way? Don't worry. In Part 2, I'll show you a great technique for making almost any task, no matter how large, become totally achievable.

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