Stop Letting Yourself Off the Hook

Are you the type of person who sets a goal, takes a few steps and then falters? Do you find yourself finding excuses not to take actions and letting yourself off the hook when what you want doesn't materialize?

Try these three techniques to combat your own worst enemy - You.

  1. Publish your goals. Try making your goals public. Share them with people you can trust. Tell them what you're aiming for and why. If you keep your goals to yourself, the only one who knows you have failed is you. If your goals are out there in the world, you not only have to justify yourself to others but, more importantly, you gain their support and encouragement, which is worth much more.

    One word of advice: the best people to share with are not always those closest to you. In protecting you from possible disappointment, they may try to put you off. So try to choose someone more impartial.
  2. Be aware of how giving up makes you feel. Have you ever really analyzed how damaging your own excuses are? When you give up or find a reason not to take the next step, how does it actually make you feel about yourself? If you are anything like me then every time I give up it takes a little piece of my soul. Every failure is another string in the web of my self doubt and I disrespect myself for it, so much, that it actually encourages me to keep going, even when I don't want to. So listen to your feelings and learn to avoid putting yourself through this.
  3. Be tough on yourself. You want to be a better person, right? Well, give yourself some discipline. When you feel yourself flagging, tell yourself you'll just do a little more, just spend another ten minutes, run another few hundred yards, or try just a little harder. Act as your own coach: cheer yourself on from the sidelines, shout your own words of encouragement. Push yourself harder than you've ever pushed yourself before.

Not only will you achieve more in a shorter space of time, but you will also feel proud of what you can now do and that is a huge motivator.

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