Share Your Goal, Multiply Your Success

Never underestimate the power of mutual support to help you reach your goals.

Declaring a goal, mapping out a plan and taking the action necessary to achieve our dreams can be a lonely business. We often plan alone, work alone and sometimes even celebrate our success alone, by choice. But when we involve a "goal buddy" in our dreams, our efforts can be massively enriched. Here's why.

Benefit #1. Enhanced belief. The right person to share your goal is the person who believes in you. It might be someone you love who wants the best for you, but not always. Often, wanting the best for you will involve advising you against your plans, because you might fail. It is protective behavior, but it doesn't help.

Often the best goal buddy is someone who is less involved, but who sees something in you that they can believe in. When they do, your own belief is reinforced. Whether your supporter is next door or half way round the world, their faith will spur you on when you need it most.

Benefit #2. Daily encouragement. The effort of taking daily action, when our spirits are low and progress seems elusive, can sometimes feel impossible. Having a keen and sympathetic supporter makes all the difference. An encouraging phone call, a shared cup of coffee or just a brief e-mail reminding you of your aims and that they are there for you will be a huge pick-me-up in the face of gloom.

Benefit #3. A balanced perspective. We all know the old saying about not seeing the woods for the trees. Well, if you are working alone, it is all too easy to see things in the wrong perspective, to put too much emphasis on some things and too little on others, without realizing it.

A goal buddy will give you a more balanced view, an outsider's perspective. They will often point out things that should be blindingly obvious but which you have missed due to your intense focus. A good supporter will be your touchstone to reality.

Benefit #4. Ideas and guidance. No matter how clever and creative you are, you will never think of everything. A really effective goal buddy will offer you new ideas, suggest new angles and ask new and searching questions to inspire your creativity even further.

They do not have to be experts in your field, but, if they have intelligence and imagination, they will bring their own unique skills to your niche and together you will create something special.

Benefit #5. The extended network. The final bonus that your goal buddy brings is the chance to reach a wider circle. As well as benefitting from what your buddy knows, you can benefit from who they know.

You may be struggling with a particularly thorny obstacle in your path and out of the blue, your buddy says, "I know a guy who can do that", and you're on your way again. Suddenly you have access to skills, knowledge and expertise from a far bigger network than you ever thought possible.

So, why not take a look at your goals and see how much you could benefit from a good goal buddy.

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