Seeing the Goal in Everything You Do

Habitual goal setters often tell me that one thing they find frustrating is all the other things in life that get in the way of reaching their goals. They complain of distractions, time wasters, irrelevant chores that must be done and the thousand and one other events that detract from the time they have available to achieve their dreams.

Let us imagine that your goal is to set up a business, so that you can become financially independent, or you are trying to write a novel like you always said you would, or you finally want to get fit, but somehow, life keeps getting in the way. My answer is very simple.

Make sure that everything you choose to do or have to do contributes towards your goal. Here's how.

  • You want to be financially independent, but right now you have no choice but to go to work to pay the mortgage. Instead of seeing your job as something that holds you back, try reframing your view. At this stage in your goal path, your job is giving you the financial base to make your plans and prepare thoroughly for your future. It is teaching you skills of patience and discipline which will be invaluable when you become an entrepreneur. Take a look around at work. What else can you learn and who can you learn from or what behavior can you emulate, that will help you later? Every morning you head out of the house, set yourself a target to use your remaining time at work to benefit your goal. If you look you will find a way and, suddenly, instead of being an obstacle to be endured, your job is a springboard to the future.

  • You are slowly writing a little more of your novel each day, but family commitments, work and the demands of running a busy house continually keep you away from the keyboard. Instead of resenting the chores and feeling frustrated at the demands of your family, use these everyday scenarios to help flesh out your characters. Ask yourself, how would my heroine act in this situation? How would she carry out these tasks? In what way would she interact with her mother, or spend her time with the children. Take advantage of these day-to-day scenes to work out the destinies, foibles and inner workings of your characters and you will find your novel taking much clearer and more vivid shape.

  • You have been doing OK with your exercise regime, but a host of distractions have made you miss a few sessions at the gym and you're finding it tough to get back on track. Instead of fighting the rest of your life and getting stressed because you are not achieving your fitness goals, look for as many ways as possible to incorporate exercise into your life as it is. Stand up at your desk, walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, walk to work, run and play games with the children, lift heavy boxes to tidy the garage, get a bike and use that to go shopping instead of driving. Here in the labor-saving, drive-everywhere West, there are hundreds of ways we can find to use our bodies more than we do. We have simply become used to being lazy. A few weeks spent consciously using human power instead of machine power will make a huge difference to your health.

Once you have managed to incorporate your goals into every aspect of your life, you will find yourself more focused, more aware of your progress and more motivated to keep going because you have the assurance that everything you do is moving you towards your dreams.

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