Keep Getting Better - How to Continuously Improve Your Performance

Apart from all the great goals that I have set myself and that I am steadily working towards, I have found that one of the most motivating challenges is to constantly improve my performance every day.

Simply being aware of my skill levels, reviewing what I have done and looking for ways to improve has increased my capabilities and efficiency many times over.

Here's how I do it.

  1. Review. At the end of each day, as a standard part of my look back over the day's events, I also evaluate how well I performed my tasks. I am a writer, so I look for where I could have improved on the clarity of an article, the turn of a sentence or, at a higher level, the quality of the idea itself. Whatever it is that you do, you will be aware of when you have done something well and when you have performed poorly. Don't give yourself a hard time about this. Simply note down where you think you could improve.
  2. Measure your skills. If you think there are areas where you could do better, ask yourself whether you need to improve just your focus on these areas, or do you need to improve your skills? Is there some training you could take or a book you could read? Do you know someone who could offer advice and inspiration to help you improve?
  3. Rate your toolbox. Finally, I look at whether the tools of my craft are allowing me to produce the best work. As a writer, my main tool is my computer. Recently I realized that using a fixed desktop computer was heavily restricting the times and places when I could write. I invested in a laptop and now I can write anywhere I like and, with the wireless connection, I can still be in touch and submit my articles. What tools do you need? Are you sure that they are the very best you could get, or do they hold you back in some way?

Take this simple three step approach to continuous improvement and you will find a dramatic increase in your rate of production and also your satisfaction.

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    headshot: David Beroff in St. ThomasDavid Beroff started writing software at the age of 11, and was teaching Computer Science at Rutgers University by the time he was 18. After designing software for two decades, he started his own Internet marketing firm in '95; one of his company's earliest successes was, a free feedback-form service that was later sold to Wondermill.

    Beroff had bought and sold four million voluntary, opt-in email leads generated with properties like LeadFactory and SuperTAF before the business failed in '07. He is the author of the book, Turn Funny Email into CASH!, and is currently developing a new social media site,

    He has two grown children, and now lives outside of Scranton with his girlfriend and five cats.

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