How Real is Your Goal?

How clearly can you see your goal? Is it just dry words on a piece of paper, or a living, breathing vision that you could almost reach out and touch?

Here are three ways to help you bring your goals to life:

  1. What does it look like? Don't just give your goal a name, give it form and shape and colour. If your goal is a tangible object such as a car or house, this is easy. See yourself in the driver's seat of your car and admire the colour of the paintwork or walk yourself through the rooms of your house and see the furniture and the views. If your aim is to build a business or find love, you can still do the same. See your signboard outside your new office, imagine the stockroom full of deliveries waiting to go. Look into your future partner's eyes, admire the way they dress and watch their sexy walk. Project these vivid movies on the cinema screen in your mind and watch them as often as you can, till they are completely familiar to you.
  2. How does it feel? The next stage is to experience the sensations that will accompany achieving your dream. Can you feel the leather of the steering wheel and the softness of the seats? Can you sense the comfortable warmth of your new kitchen and the feelings of relaxation when you walk through the front door? Can you experience the pride you will have at the success of your first few sales? Can you feel the warmth and love that your new partner brings? Close your eyes and allow yourself to live the sensations that surround the things you want. Live them as if they have already happened.
  3. Can you smell it? The whole point of visualizing your goals is to completely immerse yourself in the sensation of being there. The more of your five senses that you can engage in this process, the more vivid, real and achievable your goal will become. Use everything. Smell the leather upholstery of the car; hear the happy laughter of your family in your new swimming pool; listen to your phone ringing off the hook with eager customers; feel your lover's hand in yours.

Work hard to add these extra dimensions to the image of your goal in your mind and you will find that your motivation will soar and your path will become easier to follow.

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