Challenge Yourself and Give Your Goals a Kick-Start

If you really want to speed up the rate at which you work towards your goals and find yourself setting personal bests you never dreamed of, try either of these two electrifying ways to boost your productivity.

  1. Find someone to race. All too often, we find ourselves working towards our goals single handedly, but if you can find someone else, who has a goal to reach, why not challenge them to a race to the finish? You may not think of yourself as competitive, but you would be amazed at how pushy you will turn out to be if you engage in a little friendly rivalry. The great thing is that your opponent doesn't even have to be striving towards the same target; all that is required is for you each to choose a milestone on your own goal paths and challenge each other as to who is going to get there first. Choose goals or sub-goals that have similar deadlines, so it's not a one-sided competition. Keep a daily diary of progress and keep each other up to date, even taunt each other a bit, but don't forget to encourage each other too. The effects can be galvanizing.
  2. Race yourself. If you can't identify someone else to challenge, it is almost as effective to compete against yourself. Give yourself a daily benchmark based on yesterday's performance and challenge yourself to do just a little more each day. If your goal is fitness, for example, this is a fantastic way to measure and extend your progress. Do a few more repetitions every time, lift a little more weight, run just a little farther or a little faster. Always be competing with the old you, not with some ideal of achievement.

Using these self challenging techniques adds a whole new and richly rewarding dimension to your efforts and when you get to where you were going in double quick time you'll have the added bonus of knowing you beat your competition as well. Unless they beat you, of course. But you're not going to let that happen, are you?

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